Sales Force Automation Mobile

Our Sales Force Automation app now runs on your rep's smartphones!

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Remote Customer Signature Capture!

SFA now allows for the customer to approve their advertising program via a signature capture from any smart phone, tablet or computer, regardless of their location.

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Digital Media Proofing

Our E-Proofing system now handles proofing of all digital media: Animated GIFs, Videos, Websites, etc!

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Digital Subscription Enhancements

Digital subscription handling in Sales Force Automation (SFA) has been improved to allow items to run for a fixed duration or indefinitely; have a minimum commitment; have one-time setup charges automatically created; and much more.

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2020 ADP Board Of Directors

Board members using Polylogics software and services:

  • John Bills ‥ATD-Austin
     –  2nd Vice Chairman
  • Chris Heilbock ‥hibu
     –  Chairman
  • Bruce Howard ‥User Friendly Media
     –  Member
  • Garrett Frankwick ‥Mueller Local
     –  Member

2018 Wil Lewis Award Recipient

Danny Bills, ATD-Austin

2018 Gold Book Award Winners

Valley Yellow Pages, hibu and Mueller Local

2018 President's Award Winner

Kathy Haynes, National Sales Manager, Valley Yellow Pages